MOMENTUM – is what we can create together

MOMENTUM is a dynamic and proactive team specialised in the development of property and project management on a high level – spanning from initial ideas and initiatives to the finalisation of actual buildings.

The key to success is value creation though sustainable concepts combined with the ability to stay focused on the crucial daily operation of a property – to the benefit of Owners, Landlords and Tenants alike.

MOMENTUM can handle all aspects and processes in all phases of a project –be it commercial, financial, legal or technical issues.


MOMENTUM will remain focused and critical throughout all relations in order to secure optimal solutions and improvements. It is our firm belief that all relations and all solutions must be sustainable which demands a constant high quality in all our processes.

The Key Words are Commitment and Presence!

MOMENTUM: “to stay focussed in a linearly forward movement".

MOMENTUM Research & Development | Store Kongensgade 34 | DK-1264 Copenhagen K